So you’re considering an elopement…

now what?

Planning a big wedding can be emotionally exhausting.

The very idea of inviting your crazy aunt Karen, outspoken cousin Gary, and all of your mother’s church friends who knew you when you were a baby out of obligation is overwhelming. And having to say your vows in front of 100+ people? Forget it. Plus, when you finally sit down to try and eat during your reception… Every single guest is going to want to come talk to you!

So exhausting! Especially when you begin to realize that most of the decisions you’re making aren’t even for you. They’re for everyone else involved. You love your family and your friends…

But if there was one day that should fully align with who you and your partner are…it should be your wedding day.

am i right?!

YES yes yes!

So your core values and personalities have led you away from a big, traditional wedding day, and now you’re planning your elopement! Eeeeep!

Eloping sounds super exciting when you’re ready to ditch the traditional wedding narrative…

Until you realize that there are a whole new set of planning and logistical obstacles that have to be tackled:

1. How do I legally get married in the middle of nowhere on a mountaintop?

2. How do I choose the right location to elope if I've never been there before?

3. How do I find the right local vendors?

4. Where should I each get ready on the morning of?

5. What if I don’t want to hike on your wedding day…can I still elope?

6. What about obtaining elopement/wedding permits for my chosen destination?

7. How do I include certain family members in my elopement without losing my original vision for the day?

8. If I do decide to invite any elderly family members…how do I find beautiful AND accessible ceremony locations?

elopement notes


Take a deep breath...

An intentional, stress-free wedding day is completely attainable. I promise.

keep reading...

You can:

✧ Craft an intentional elopement day that is aligned with your core values

✧ Have a wedding that is 100% true to who you both are

✧ Create lasting memories from your elopement

✧ Slow down and remain fully present as your marry the love of your life

✧ Invest in a wedding day experience for YOU…and not just everyone else

✧ Relive the entire experience for years to come through timeless photographs

Photos teach us to treasure our history; to treat it as sacred…

and your story deserves to be remembered.

I believe that my couples should remember every ounce of their wedding day in vivid detail. To recall the moment they committed themselves to the love of their life with all five senses. 

My goal is to help my couples craft an elopement experience that encourages them to slow down, and remain present and 100% true to themselves… And to document that experience with an equal amount of intentionality through artful, honest photographs.

Christina and her team were an absolute joy to work with! Her guidance and encouragement made the process so effortless and comfortable. From the very beginning, she took the time to unearth and connect with our story that was then captured in every photo. We didn't have a videographer, so it was very important to have photos that captured the essence and magic of our day. Luna Legacies made that happen and for that, we are forever grateful.

"Effortless and comfortable."

Let me do the heavy lifting for you! Instead of just hiring me to show up and photograph your wedding day…I’m going to come alongside you and help you navigate all of these questions and more.

I’ll take time to deeply understand your:

✧ Love Story
✧ Core Values
✧ Priorities
✧ Desires
✧ And Expectations

 I will use my industry tools, resources, and personal experience to:

✧ Find a location that not only fits your vision aesthetically, but matches your desired physical intensity for your wedding day. (Read: You don’t have to go hiking to have an amazing elopement experience!)

✧ Find incredible Airbnb options for the duration of your stay!

✧ Source local vendors that align with your elopement day goals. (Florist, personal chef, kayak guide, you name it!)

✧ Create a customized timeline for the entire day that provides room for spontaneity while maintaining structure.

✧ Research and obtain the correct permits for your chosen destination.

✧ Help you navigate the logistics of eloping and getting legally married!

✧ Provide unique suggestions for including chosen friends and family into your elopement day.

✧ Artfully document the entire day through timeless, soulful photographs that will tell the story of your legacy for years to come.

✧ And so much more!

We're in the details.

Your elopement day is meant to be a sacred, incredible experience…

And you will need so much more than just a good photographer. 

The great news is that I am here to do so much more for you than just take incredible pictures!

(But don’t you worry… I’ve got that covered too!)

Not only will I come alongside you as an elopement guide, photographer, and friend…

But I also work closely with my team to ensure that every detail of your day has been thoughtfully and intentionally organized. 

That’s right…

Luna Legacies is a team of two!

meet  Jordan!

Jordan is the official Luna Legacies elopement and intimate wedding planner, and she and I are your dream team in action!

While I work with you directly throughout the entire process from your initial inquiry to photographing your elopement on the day of…

Jordan is working behind the scenes to source the perfect local vendors for your chosen destination, and ensure that your wedding day vision is executed with excellence.

Are you ready to craft your dream elopement experience together?

When you book your elopement or intimate wedding with Luna Legacies, all packages will include:

Customized questionnaires that will help us both craft and document your story in a way that is authentic to you

Complementary elopement planning assistance (via multiple zoom calls, phone calls, and emails leading up to your wedding day)

Customized elopement day timeline that provides room for spontaneity while maintaining structure

Recommended packing lists specific to your location of choice

Sourcing a list of dreamy Airbnb recommendations for your stay

Sourcing local vendors on your behalf that align with your goals and needs

A customized Elopement + Intimate Wedding Field Guide PDF

A gallery of fully edited, high resolution images from your wedding day

Personal Printing Rights

Sneak Peek Photos within 48 Hours of your elopement

A custom created slideshow set to music that will bring the story of your day to life

8 week gallery delivery guarantee

A customized client gift (see more info here)

Let's do this together

Because every elopement day is completely unique, just as every couple is unique, all elopement packages can be custom tailored to meet your needs.


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I'm ready

I'm ready

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Your wedding day belongs to you.

I don’t want to tamper with your memories. My heart is to play the role of documentarian. An intentional observer. A creative director. This isn’t about a glorified photo shoot… this about YOU.

Which is why I take such care to deliver a gallery of timeless, soulful, intentional images that will tell the full story of your wedding day.

These photos don’t deserve to live forever seen only through a screen.

There is something truly powerful and deeply nostalgic about printing your photos.

Being able to hold them, touch them, feel them in your hands.

Being able to pull them out and show them to your children someday…

And maybe even your grandchildren. 

Which is why I include my customized client gift in every elopement package.

Shortly after you have received your online gallery and teared up while watching the slideshow of your day…

You’ll be getting a package in the mail.

This is your custom client gift.

✧ A hand crafted leather envelope to preserve and protect your photos

✧ A collection of 50 prints from the day’s highlight moments

✧ A wooden USB drive with your full gallery (So you’ll always have your photos backed-up!)

✧ A custom star map art print from the date and location of your wedding day

✧ A handwritten “thank you” letter from me (because letter writing simply isn’t dead!)

inside you'll find:

in case you missed it...

Ahhh, hey friend!

I'm Christina Moon!

Enneagram 4. INFP. Unapologetic personality test junkie.

I’m a 24 year old Georgia native dreaming of living somewhere that gets more than 0.25 inches of snow a year. If I was a book character I’d definitely be Anne of Green Gables. I thrive on adventure, nostalgia, and meaningful connections.

And in the spirit of full transparency, I'm also a major goof with a sarcastic sense of humor.

more about me

my grandparents on their wedding day


In 2016 I made the best decision of my life and married my best friend and middle school sweetheart, Isaac.

We didn’t elope.

I won’t pretend that our wedding day was’t amazing. Because it truly was. But when I look back on that day only five years later…

It’s embarrassingly hazy in my mind.

The whole day is a blur for both of us. 

I don’t remember my vows.

I don’t remember my first look. 

I barely remember who was there out of our 150 guests.

We are both introverted individuals, and the adrenaline and chaos of such a big wedding is the primary reason why I believe that my memories of that day have already faded.

We both wish we could go back and choose to elope instead.

The ability to slow down and create organic, lasting memories from your wedding day is a gift. And this is the gift I strive to give every single one of my elopement couples. Your wedding day marks the beginning of a legacy that will echo through the generations to follow.

And there is nothing more sacred, intimate, and honoring than to be present on this day and document the moments that I know your grandchildren will one day see and marvel over.

let's do this together

our story

We’ve had photos done before but we’ve never had such a comfortable, enjoyable experience during a photo shoot as we had with her. She’s easy going, doesn’t make you feel awkward or uncomfortable at all, and really knows how to capture the feeling and emotion in a moment. We were blown away by the quality of the photos, my husband even said they looked like stills from a movie. Also Christina was great at communicating and answering all our questions.

“I can’t say enough great things about Christina!"


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I'm ready

I'm ready

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So if you’re ready to ditch the traditional wedding day narrative, throw out a guest list built on obligation, leave behind the stress of wedding planning on your own…

And pursue a wedding day experience that is aligned with your personalities, values, and dreams…

then you’re in the right place.

✧ Stress free
✧ Intentional
✧ Adventurous
✧ Authentic
✧ Creative
✧ Unique
✧ Intimate
✧ Sacred

If you want a wedding day experience that is:

Then I think we’re going to be the perfect fit.

And I’ll have your back for every step of the journey.

vivid details

Are elopements on an upwards trend?


But this isn’t about being trendy or following the crowd.

It isn’t even about being super outdoorsy or adventurous. 

This is about telling YOUR love story. 

The way it really happened.

The way it really felt.

So that you can look back on your wedding day for years to come with the glow of nostalgia in your eyes, and memories that come alive every time. 

Because your wedding day is the beginning of your legacy.

And your story deserves to be lived and remembered in vivid detail.

Let’s do this for YOU.


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I'm ready

I'm ready

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Both of these niche terms have become increasingly popular within the wedding photography industry, but aren’t exactly clear cut definitions to couples planning their alternative wedding day. 

While there are a variety of different definitions floating around the internet for each of them, I’m going to go ahead and give you mine!

You might be reading this right now wondering what the difference is between an elopement versus an intimate wedding.

For the sake of simplicity, the only distinction we will make between an elopement vs an intimate wedding is the guest count:

✧ Elopement: If you are getting married with only the two of you present (excluding the officiant, photographers, vendors, etc.).

✧ Intimate Wedding: If you are getting married with guests in attendance numbering fewer than 25 people

don’t worry, I can feel your next question coming…

No, our package prices DON’T change based on whether you go with an elopement or an intimate wedding!

This process is supposed to be beautiful and fun, and the last thing we want you worrying about is whether you want to spend more money on our services to invite your parents and grandparents along.

Ultimately, it doesn’t change a whole lot about how we do our job when it comes to planning and documenting your day. 

What it DOES change is considerations on your end of things:

✧ If you choose an elopement, the only people you have to take into consideration that day are the two of you! This leaves the options virtually limitless. Where you have your ceremony, the timeline of your wedding day, and the activities you include are completely up to you.

✧ When you choose to have an intimate wedding day, you will need to consider the feasibility of your plans in regards to your guests as well as yourselves. This might look like choosing an easily accessible ceremony site for elderly/disabled family members rather than hiking up a mountain, or renting a larger Airbnb to accommodate your reception plans.

These are important things to keep in mind, and where it becomes super important to get really honest with yourselves about your wedding day priorities!

I require a 30% non-refundable retainer when you book to reserve your date! The rest is due the week before your wedding day. All payments are processed through Honeybook.


I am a big believer in embracing the adventure, and no adventure is complete without a little adversity, right? Unique weather can actually create some of the most incredible photos with so much depth and emotion! Occasionally the weather will be severe enough that we will have to reschedule your elopement for the following day, but most of the time, I’ll say we should just run with it! 


This answer can vary from state to state here in the US. Some states (like Colorado) allow you to self solemnize your wedding, whereas most require 1-2 witnesses. We (Christina and Jordan!) are more than happy to stand in as your witnesses if necessary, or you can bring friends and family along as witnesses. You could also opt for hiring a traditional officiant!


Many people assume that because they are eloping, that they don’t need much photography coverage. But personally, I don’t believe that telling the story of your wedding day deserves to be treated with any less intentionality simply because you’ve chosen to elope. With that being said, I recommend no less than 6-8 hours of photography coverage, which is standard for a traditional wedding day timeline as well. But I am ALWAYS down to do a full day of adventuring with you! Which is why full day photo coverage is especially helpful if you want something like a private sunrise ceremony, but aren’t hosting your reception with friends and family until later in the evening. The good news is that we can always upgrade your package as we go along if you find that your developing plans are being constricted by the amount of photo coverage you originally chose.


Blog post coming soon on planning your perfect elopement/intimate wedding day timeline!


Because planning a wedding (no matter the size) can be incredibly stressful, I highly recommend the use of a planner. Just because you’ve decided to elope, doesn’t mean you’ve eliminated the challenges of planning a wedding. There are so many factors to consider when it comes to sourcing vendors in your chosen destination, finding a ceremony spot at a location you’ve never visited before, finding the perfect lodging accommodations, obtaining permits, etc. But hypothetically, let’s say that your cousin just so happens to be an elopement planner and she’s helping you for free… I do offer a “photo only” package! This package eliminates the services of Jordan, my dedicated elopement planner and day-of coordinator, but includes my photography coverage and travel expenses. 


Unless the earth splits and swallows me whole, or some other act of God or family emergency occurs, you better believe I will be on my deathbed before I miss your wedding day! If by some crazy circumstance I AM unable to be present on your big day, I promise to do everything within my power to alert you ASAP and find a replacement photographer for the day-of. I will still edit and deliver the images myself, and the replacement photographer will be someone that we both love and trust. If these options aren’t satisfactory then you are 100% entitled to a full refund for any unrendered services.


The short answer is no! I consider photography to be art. As an artist, editing is an integral part of my creative process. You wouldn’t ask Van Gogh to deliver a half finished Starry Night, would you? I promise that I will deliver the best of the best from your wedding day without leaving anything out! 


Absolutely not! Your wedding day should be reflective of who you both are, and not constrained to the “adventurous elopement” stereotype that says you have to hike 5+ miles to get the best views and the coolest photos. Even for my couples who do want to incorporate hiking into their wedding day, I recommend choosing a trail that is no more than 3-6 miles round trip in total. But your ideal elopement day might not include any hiking at all! It might be in the backyard garden of your dear friends’ house, the rooftop patio of your favorite restaurant, or at an easily accessible scenic overlook!




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I'm ready

I'm ready

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